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You can download and install Go-Web by following these steps`

  • Install Alfred by executing the following command go install
  • Launch alfred service:create [your-service-name]


Go-Web provides a docker-compose.yml file that allows developers to easily set up a new development environment: this requires both Docker and Docker-compose installed on the development system.


The docker-compose.yml defines several services, i.e. it is configured for providing instances of MySQL, Redis, MongoDB and ElasticSearch; if needed, instances of other services may be added by modifying the docker-compose.yml file.

Compile and run

If you'd like to run Go-web in order to try your new implementation you can run the following command:

make runRuns the http server
make buildBuilds the application
alfred show:commandsShows all available commands
./gowebRuns the http server (compiled)