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Server configuration

You can customize server configuration by editing GetServer() method located in config/server.go file.

Main Go-Web configuration
package config

import ""

func GetServer() kernel.ServerConf {
return kernel.ServerConf{
Port: 8005,
SSL: false,
SSLCert: "storage/certs/tls.crt",
SSLKey: "storage/certs/tls.key",

Custom configurations

All of the configuration structures are stored in the config folder. You can create your custom configuration by adding a new structure in this package.

Custom configuration file
package config

type CustomConf struct {
Field1 string
Field2 int

func CustomConf () *CustomConf {
return &CustomConf {
Field1: "test",
Field2: 1

Now you can retrieve your custom configuration by calling the config.CustomConf() method.


You can encapsulate this method within a system service to propagate this instance within the http request lifecycle.