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Alfred is the command-line interface included with Go-Web. It provides a number of helpful commands that can assist you while you build your application. You can install Alfred by running go install

Run the following command to see a list of available commands:

-> alfred show:commands
database:seedExecutes database seeder
model:create [model name]Creates new database model
migration:create [migration name]Creates new migration
migration:upExecutes migrations
migration:rollback [step]Execute migrations rollback
show:commandsShows help menu
controller:create [controller name]Creates new controller
cmd:create [command name]Creates new CLI command
middleware:create [middleware name]Creates new middleware
generate:keyGenerates new application key

Create custom commands

You can create a custom Alfred command by launching alfred cmd:create <command name>. This will create a new .go file in the app/console folder that contains some boilerplate code.

-> alfred cmd:create batman
New custom command
package console

type Batman struct {
Signature string
Description string
Args string

// Command registration
func (c *Batman) Register() {
c.Signature = "command:signature" // Change command signature
c.Description = "Execute database seeder" // Change command desc

// Command business logic
func (c *Batman) Run() {
// Insert command logic

As you can see in the figure 3 the commands contains two main methods:

  • Register: used by the show:commands command to expose signature and description
  • Run: contains the main logic of your custom command.

The last thing that we need to do is register our custom command into the Go-Web register. Open the app/console/kernel.go file and append a pointer to the new command in the CommandRegister struct:

Command register structure
/ Commands configuration represent all Go-Web application conf
// Every command needs to be registered in the following list
var (
Commands = register.CommandRegister{
// Here is where you've to register your custom commands

In order to use the newly created command, Alfred have to be updated. The alfred update command will update all registered commands.

Dependency injection

As for controller, Go-Web allows to use services that are configured into the IoC container (Dependency Injection) to be injected into your commands.

Dependency Injection in CLI command
type Seeder struct {

func (c *Seeder) Register() {
c.Signature = "database:seed <name>"
c.Description = "Execute database seeder"

// Todo: Improve this method to run a single seeder
func (c *Seeder) Run(db *gorm.DB, models register.ModelRegister) {
// Declare parameters of specific type to be injected